8 September 2013

Quilt Misterioso // Mistery Quilt

Hola a todos,

Os tengo abandonados desde el verano. Lo siento mucho, pero ando ajetreadísima, mi hijo pequeño ha comenzado el colegio y es todo un poco estresante. No tengo tiempo para gran cosa pero esta mañana descubrí que Roxane comienza un nuevo quilt misterioso la semana que viene y no lo podéis dejar escapar. Mira que me gustan sus proyectos... Yo me he apuntado, por supuesto. Lo iré terminando poquito a poco, como casi siempre fuera de plazo. Pero bueno, lo que importa es terminarlo.

Este verano he trabajado en el otro proyecto de Roxane, Eastwood Village, y casi casi he terminado el top. Me faltan los bordes. A ver si puedo enseñaros algunas fotitos.

Dear all,

After the summer break I'm still struggling to get back to the routine. My younger child has started school and he is also struggling with that. It is all a bit stressful... trying not to be too early at school so he does not dwell too much on the fact that mum is leaving. Then rushing to be on time for work... A bit of studying when I get back home... Uff... little sewing. Still I owe you a few pics from what I did during the summer.

I wanted to share with you this piece of good patchwork news. Roxane from Scrapquiltandstitch is organising another Mistery Quilt. Remember Eastwood Village? I have nearly completed the top now. You are going to love it!! Well, this will be another of her great projects. She is starting next week, you just have to contact her by email. You won't regret it!  


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